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World Civilization II - HIST102 - Primary Sources

Primary sources available in the library or on the Internet relevant to World Civilizations from about 1500 to the present.

Resources in Library Catalog

eBooks on this list are only available to RVCC students, faculty, and staff and require a login with your G# and password.

Africa and the West : a documentary history from the slave trade to independence

This book presents a range of hard-to-find primary source documents on Africa from the slave trade that started in the early part of the fifteenth century to independence and the problems of the post-colonial period.

After Africa : extracts from British travel accounts and journals of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries concerning the slaves, their manners, and customs in the British West Indies

This compilation consists of a sampling of early accounts by 72 missionaries, travelers, and planters over 300 years of British colonization in the "New World." The editors' goal is to explore the extent that African traditions, including ceremonies, work, play, and religion, continued in the Americas.

Arms Control and Global Security : a Document Guide

Arms Control and Global Security: A Document Guide offers an unprecedented and comprehensive collection of arms-control documents dating from the late-19th century to the present. The book includes documents addressing the control of weapons of mass destruction, the banning of biological and chemical weapons, the weaponization of space, regional arms control, and bilateral agreements, as well as the limitations of conventional weaponry (eBook).

Born in blood and fire : Latin American voices

A thematic anthology of primary sources for Latin American social and cultural history, this book draws on newspapers, novels, magazines, and journals―many translated by Chasteen himself―to present compelling narrative accounts of life and society across Latin American history.

The encyclopedia of war journalism, 1807-2010

This book examines the development, history, and current state of war journalism. Primary sources are scattered throughout the book; after clicking "Read Online," click on "Primary Documents" to see where they are located (eBook).

English women's voices, 1540-1700

This collection resurrects an extraordinary array of women's writings from the mid-sixteenth through the seventeenth centuries. The focus of English Women Voices is not on females writing "literature" but on the actual lives of women, as described in their own words. Recorded in diaries, letters, sermons, pamphlets, formal petitions, health manuals, trial records, biographies, and autobiographies, the words escape from the past, as vital as current events.

The human record : sources of global history

V.1 - to 1500 -- V.2 - Since 1500.
THE HUMAN RECORD is the leading primary source reader for the World History course, providing balanced coverage of the global past. Each volume contains a blend of visual and textual sources which are often paired or grouped together for comparison.

Inquiry into the rise and growth of the royal prerogative in England and an inquiry into the life and character of King Eadwig

Originally published in 1849, this work details the author's knowledge and criticisms of monarchic power through England's history.

The map of Africa by treaty

V.1: British Colonies, Protectorates and possessions in Africa. V.2: Abyssinia to Great Britain and France. Contained in these volumes are treaties between European and African nations and maps of how they affected the continent.

Mexican history : a primary source reader

A comprehensive and innovative primary source reader in Mexican history from the pre-Columbian past to the neoliberal present. Its selection of documents thoughtfully conveys enduring themes of Mexican history, land and labor, indigenous people, religion, and state formation.

Milestone documents in world history : exploring the primary sources that shaped the world

v. 1. 2350 BCE-1058 CE -- v. 2. 1082-1833 -- v. 3. 1839-1941 -- v. 4. 1942-2000.
Key documents from all important world cultures are included, from the ancient Near East and ancient Egypt to the Greek and Roman Empires, medieval Islam, Renaissance Europe, and modern Africa and Asia. Constitutions, speeches, letters, acts, treaties, and legal cases are all covered (eBook). Also available as a Reference book (Reference books must be used in the library).

The origins of Israel, 1882-1948 : a documentary history

This book chronicles the making of modern Israel before statehood, providing in English the texts of original sources accompanied by extensive introductions and commentaries from the volume editors. It assembles a diverse array of 62 documents, many of them unabridged, to convey the ferment, dissent, energy, and anxiety that permeated the Zionist project from its inception to the creation of the modern nation of Israel (eBook).

The wisdom of conservatism

An anthology of primary source writings on the topic of conservatism from individuals like Aristotle, Machiavelli, Alexis de Tocqueville, Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, C. S. Lewis, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and many more.

Women writing Africa: the Eastern region

Focuses on the daily lives of women, who have crafted descriptions of personal sufferings and triumphs, parliamentary speeches, fiction, poetry and songs, and the roles of women in creating an educated people in nations free from colonial rule. Spans from the 18th to 21st centuries.

World History in Documents

Covers key events that have altered world history and promotes the ability to study history with primary sources and the ability to compare aspects of major societies (Reference books must be used in the library).

Resources on the Internet