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Shelf List

In order to assist in the retrieval of documents and artifacts, each shelf and cabinet in the RVCC Archive is designated a number and / or letter.

Below you will find the full list of shelf designations and filing cabinets, as well as a general description of what can be found on/in each.


A1 Archive Supply Storage

A2 Archive Supply Storage

A3 Library Professional Periodicals

A4 Archive Supply Storage

A5 Archive Supply Storage

A6 Archive Supply Storage

B1 Archive Supply Storage

B2 Gerald Stern Poetry Collection

B3 Gerald Stern Poetry Collection

B4 Gerald Stern Poetry Collection

(See bottom of page for a downloadable list of titles in this collection)

B5 Library Storage

B6 Library Storage

C1 Empty

C2 Library Storage

C3 Library Storage

C4 Library Storage

C5 Library Storage

C6 Library Storage

D1 Empty

D2 Newspaper Clippings

D3 Newspaper Clippings

D4 Newspaper Clippings

D5 Newspaper Clippings

D6 Newspaper Clippings

E1 Newspaper Clippings

E2 Newspaper Clippings

E3 Newspaper Clippings

E4 Newspaper Clippings

E5 Newspaper Clippings 

E6 Newspaper Clippings

F1 New York Amsterdam News

F2 Felt college banners (SCC)

F3 Historical Newspapers

F4 Archive Professional Books

F5 Press Releases

F6 Press Releases

G1 Slides

G2 Slides 

G3 Slides and Slide Projector

G4 Slides

G5 Slides

G6 Empty

H1 Empty

H2 Commencement Documents and Video

H3 Commencement DVDs and VHS

H4 Reel to Reel Tapes, Reel to Reel Player

H5 VHS Tapes

H6 VHS / BETA Tapes

I1 Empty

I2 Photos

I3 Photos

I4 Photos

I5 Photos

I6 Photos

J1 Empty

J2 Empty

J3 Empty

J4 Empty

J5 Empty

J6 Empty

K1 Empty

K2 College Publications (newspapers, newsletters)

K3 College Publications (newspapers, newsletters)

K4 College Publications (newspapers, newsletters)

K5 College Publications (newspapers, newsletters)

K6 College Publications (newspapers, newsletters)

L1 Sorting Files: Various Subjects

L2 Sorting Files: Various Subjects

L3 Sorting Files: Various Subjects

L4 Sorting Files: Various Subjects

L5 Sorting Files: Various Subjects

L6 Sorting Files: Various Subjects

M1 College Documents: Curriculum Committee, College Forum Ethics Committee

M2 College Documents: Reports, Middle States

M3 College Documents: Middle States, Grants

M4 College Documents: Middle States, Assessment

M5 College Documents: Middle States

M6 College Documents: Title IX

N1 Board of Trustees Minutes 1975-1977

N2 Board of Trustees Minutes 1977-1980

N3 Board of Trustees Minutes 1981-1984

N4 Board of Trustees Minutes 1985-1989

N5 Board of Trustees Minutes 1987-1995


O1 Empty

O2 Presidential Resolutions

O3 Somerset Community College Senate Committee

O4 College Forum

O5 Student Follow Up

O6 Self-Studies & Self-Evaluations: Legal Assisting, Ophthalmic Science, Nursing

P1 Little Family, RVCC History

P2 RVCC History

P3 Yearbooks

P4 Yearbooks

P5 Yearbooks, RVCC Memorabilia

P6 RVCC Memorabilia

Q1 Archive Supply Storage

Q2 Library Resource Center History

Q3 College Catalogs (No catalog was published for 1995-96)

Q4 College Catalogs

Q5 College Catalogs, Board of Trustee awards, certificates, plaques

Q6 Board of Trustee awards, certificates, plaques

R1 Archive Supply Storage

R2 Course Schedules

R3 Admission Books, Student Handbooks, Phone Directories

R4 Student Planners, Faculty Handbooks

R5 Faculty Biographies, Faculty Publications

R6 Legacy Sabbatical Project by Dr. Lynne M. DeCicco

S1 Data Books, Profiles

S2 Student and Faculty Writing

S3 Academic Info, Annual Reports

S4 Long Range Strategic Plans, Institutional Data, Mission Statements, Institutional Reports

S5 Holocaust Center, Robeson Center, Theater Documents and History

S6 Empty

Filing Cabinets:

File A

  • Archive Supplies
  • Library Vendor Records
  • Board of Trustees Minutes

File B

  • Golden Lions
  • Senate Minutes
  • College Forum


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