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History of Women in the US - HIST 250

This guide will help you complete your assignment for HIST 250.

History of Women in the US - HIST 250: Your Assignment

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Welcome to the Library! This guide will help you in your research for your annotated bibliography for HIST 250. If you want to know more about annotated bibliographies, please consult the Purdue OWL: Annotated Bibliographies.

You will need:

2 secondary sources

At least 3 primary sources

Some things to keep in mind:

-An annotated bibliography is a list of sources (citations)

-Each entry has a summary and/or evaluation

-Annotations contain the following:

*Summary - describe the content of the source

  • What are the main arguments?
  • What is the point of this book or article?
  • What topics are covered?
  • If someone asked what this article or book (or image) is about, what would you say?
  • Describe how the source depicts the work.

*Evaluation - describe the usefulness of the source, who is it intended for? what might the source be used for?

  • Is it useful?
  • How does it compare with other sources in your bibliography?
  • Is the information reliable?
  • Is this source biased or objective?
  • What is the goal of this source?
  • What methods or techniques do the makers of the source use to present their story?
  • How does the particular medium affect the picture shown?
  • Did you notice any connections between this text and other texts on your list?
  • Overall, did you think this text was valuable and worthwhile for researchers in your field?

*Reflection- what is your reaction to this source? how does it fit into your specific research?

  • Was this source helpful to you?
  • How does it help you shape your argument?
  • How can you use this source in your research project?
  • Has it changed how you think about your topic?
  • What part(s) of the text may be applicable or useful for the specific project that you are working on?
  • What part(s) of the text seem problematic or unhelpful?

Examples of annotated bibliographies in the library