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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing - NURS 122

This guide will help you complete the understanding scholarly research studies assignment for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing.

Understanding Statistical Analysis

Understanding the statistics in the results section of a research article can prove to be very difficult if you've never had to do so before!

The UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education webpage will walk you through many of the different statistical tests that are used in research. It may be particularly helpful to learn about t-tests, p-values, and chi squares. 

The University of Minnesota has also provided an excellent webpage to introduce you to various types of statistical tests and why they are used. 

Statistics Made Easy with Greg Martin (I highly recommend his YouTube channel, Global Health with Greg Martin! He discussed public and global health from a scientific, statistic, and epidemiological perspective!)

This video explains the t-test, the chi square test, the p value and more!


Khan Academy explains a Pearson's chi square test:

Khan Academy explains P-values and significance tests:

There are so many great videos and tutorials online for understanding statistical analysis in research articles. Be sure to search for some that you like!