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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

This guide will help you complete the research critique paper for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing.

Assignment Requirements

Critical analysis research paper - 

-Choose a topic related to some aspect of psychiatric nursing (a mental health concept or issue, clinical diagnosis, current trend, treatment modality, etc.)

-Select 2 recent professional research studies

-Write a critical analysis about each study

-Proper APA formatting must be used.

*** I have sample papers for this assignment in my office! ***

What should my paper look like?

Your paper should be structured as follows:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction to the topic
  • Study #1
    • Abstract
    • Critique
  • Study #2
    • Abstract
    • Critique
  • Conclusion
  • References

This is a 4 - 5 page paper. The Title Page, Table of Contents, and References do not count towards the 4 - 5 page requirements.

Finding Scholarly Articles

Search strategies:

YOU MUST include the following limiters in CINAHL Complete for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

*Limit by date! Only search for content published within the past 3-5 years.

*Select 'Research Article'.

*Look for a research study with n>200 (How do I find this? Look at the image on the bottom!)

*Use quotes for better results. This tells the database to search a term as a phrase. "post-partum depression" OR  "substance abuse"

*Use the truncator or asterisk * This simple command tells the database to give you anything that has the prefix you type followed by anything else. For example: 

nurs* = nurse, nurses, nursing

child* = child, children, childhood

adolesc* = adolescent, adolescents, adolescence

Search Examples-

nurs* AND depression AND teenagers

adolesc* AND depression AND nurs*

"mental health" AND marijuana AND nurs*

See below for setting up your search screen in CINAHL!

How do you find the number of subjects in a research study? Sometimes this number can be found in the abstract:


Above is an example of something that wouldn't work!

Sometimes you need to open the article and look in the 'Methods' 'Methodology' OR 'Participants' section of the study:

Above is an example that would work for this paper!