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In Spring 2019, the Guided Pathways Team collaborated with nine academic departments to identify ten pathways that best represent over 100 majors at RVCC. The Guided Pathways Team used the nationally recognized Advance Career and Technical Education Career Clusters as a foundation for its work. One of the primary reasons for this collaboration was to streamline the incoming students' process to enroll and choose a major understanding the implications for possible future careers. The Team solicited feedback from Student Affairs and worked with Marketing to design the pathways page that lists the ten pathways with a description of each pathway and additional resources for students.

Janelle Bitter (

Janelle is the subject librarian for Humanities, Social Sciences, Social Work, & Education; Communications & Languages; and Arts & Design. She is also the Systems & Technical Services Librarian at RVCC. Learn more about Janelle here.


Liaison to:

Arts & Design, Media, Humanities & Social Science

Education & Human Services, Legal, Paralegal & Criminal Justice

Megan Dempsey (

Megan is the Instructional Services Librarian at RVCC. Learn more about Megan here

meganLiaison to:

Business Management & Administration and Communication

STEM, Information Technology, Game Development, Career and Technical

Alyssa Valenti (

Alyssa is your friendly librarian for Health Science. Alyssa has worked at RVCC since 2011. She serves as the Electronic Resources & Web Services Librarian. She has served as the library liaison to the Health Science Education Department since 2012. Alyssa can help you find information for assignments, courses, or anything else you may need. Learn more about Alyssa.

alyssaLiaison to:

Health Science