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Visual Concepts for Interiors - INTR112 - Smith

Research Skills


1. Choosing an interiors project

  • Background research - You are not expected to know much about your topic before you begin researching it! Browse an architecture book or begin with a broad search in a research starter database/on the Internet to start focusing your topic.
    • Browse through architecture books (see below)
    • Search for simple terms/names like Renzo Piano or Guggenheim Museum

2. Finding images and general information about the project

  • Keywords - Instead of typing in a full sentence, use only the most important terms from your question or thesis.
    • Example: "When was the Walt Disney Concert Hall built?" vs. Walt Disney Concert Hall date, or even just Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Keywords - Well-known buildings may have nicknames or may be referred to in more than one language. If you don't find what you're looking for the first time, try a different version of the name.
    • Example: Guggenheim Museum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The Guggenheim

3. Finding analysis and critique of your chosen project (also use search techniques listed above)

  • Advanced search techniques for criticism and analysis - Brainstorm synonyms and related terms to try multiple searches related to rhythm
    • Examples: alternation, balance, color, equilibrium, form, harmony, line, linear, measured, motif, movement, order, pattern, proportion, pulsation, repetition, reprise, rhythm, sequence, shape, size, symmetry, texture
  • Advanced search techniques for criticism and analysis - Strategies to focus or broaden your search
    • AND: Combines both/all of your search terms or phrases
    • OR: Looks for one or the other search term or phrase
    • "Quotation marks": Searches for a phrase in the exact order you type it

Architecture/interior design books @ Evelyn S. Field Library

Architecture : a visual history

Architecture: a visual history

Contains over four hundred color photographs that chronicle the history of architecture around the world from ancient times through the twentieth century, and includes an introductory essay that looks at the nature and styles of the art form.

Architecture: the whole story

Architecture: the whole story

From ancient and classical masterpieces to contemporary, cutting-edge buildings, architecture has defined our world throughout history. Drawing its examples from all around the globe, this book is a richly illustrated and comprehensive account of the architects, plans, designs and constructions that over the centuries have most engaged our minds, inspired our imaginations and raised our spirits. 

Architectural excellence: 500 iconic buildings

Architectural excellence: 500 iconic buildings (eBook)

Organized chronologically, this book serves as a visual lesson in architecture through the ages. The buildings featured come from all over the world and include centers of worship, public buildings, places of business and homes. Each building includes a photograph, with a double-page spread for the top 50 selections. Captions provide specifications and brief histories.

Architectural styles : a visual guide

Architectural styles: a visual guide

This guide makes extensive use of photographs to identify and explain the characteristic features of nearly 300 buildings. The result is a clear and easy-to-navigate guide to identifying the key styles of western architecture from the classical age to the present day (available in print or as an eBook).

Light, Color, Sound

Light, Color, Sound

This book puts sensory effects center stage, covering the conceptual, aesthetic, and technical implications of their application and integration into the very structures themselves. Focusing in detail on thirty projects around the world in which sensory effects are the central theme of the design, the book describes their formal language, their role in the configuration of the contemporary landscape, and their inherent technical features.

Looking at Architecture

Looking at Architecture

In more than 50 years of architectural endeavors, the author photographed and researched most of the world's notable buildings for his books, exhibitions, and lectures. Here he focuses on 80 remarkable architectural achievements: classics, but also lesser-known places.


The new paradigm in architecture : the language of post-modern architecture

The new paradigm in architecture: the language of post-modern architecture

This book, the first to explore the broad issue of Postmodernism, has fostered its growth in other fields such as philosophy and the arts. First written at the start of an architectural movement in the mid-1970s, it has been completely rewritten and with two new chapters, brings the history up to date.

The Phaidon atlas of 21st century world architecture

The Phaidon atlas of 21st century world architecture

Contains, in a single volume, over 1,000 of the most outstanding works of architecture built since 2000. Features the work of internationally acclaimed architects alongside that of the next generation of emerging architectural stars, and those unknown outside their own countries.

Visions of power: ambition and architecture from ancient times to the present

Visions of power: ambition and architecture from ancient times to the present

With the aid of photographs, plans, and contemporary illustrations, this book reveals the secrets behind the world's most famous buildings, explaining why they were designed in their distinctive styles and how they reflect the times in which they were built.