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What if you can't find a book or article?

If there is a specific book or article that you are trying to access but can't find it, you have options!

  • For articles found searching online that are not available for free, use the "Find Journals and Other Periodicals Through the Library" instructions below.
  • For books or articles that you can't find through RVCC, use Interlibrary Loan described below.

ILL - Interlibrary Loan

The RVCC Library offers InterLibrary Loan Services to all students, faculty, staff, administrators, and public patrons. If there is a book or article that the library does not own, fill out the appropriate online form below to submit an InterLibrary Loan request. Library staff will request the material from another library and the material will be sent to RVCC. In some cases, the Library will be unable to fill an InterLibrary Loan request.* The patron requesting the material will be notified by phone or email should this happen. On average, materials are delivered within one week. Please be advised that some books and articles may take up to two weeks to arrive depending on their availability.

When the InterLibrary Loan material has been received, library staff will notify the patron by phone or email that the material is ready for pick-up. When the Library receives a book that has been requested, it is automatically checked out to the patron who requested it. If the book is not picked up from the Library by the due date, it is sent back to the lending library. When the library receives an article that has been requested, the patron who requested it does not have to return it to the library. Articles requested that are not picked up are discarded at the end of the semester.

Renewals on InterLibrary Loan items are subject to the renewing policies of the lending library. To renew InterLibrary Loan items, contact the InterLibrary Loan Desk, (908) 526-1200 x8224 or x8558, five (5) days before the items are due. If you have any questions, please call the InterLibrary Loan Desk at (908) 526-1200 x8224 or x8558.

Check the Library Catalog (for books) or the library's Journal holdings (for articles) to see if the library already has access to the material before submitting a request.

* For example, new releases, textbooks and media may be difficult to obtain.

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The RVCC Library does not have the full text of this article. Please request it by filling out our form.

Find Journals and Other Periodicals through the Library

Search Full Text Finder to determine if the library has a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper in a database or in print. 

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