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Intro to Women and Gender Studies - WGST110 - Pop Culture Representations

Research guide for the Representations of Women and Gender in Pop Culture: Then and Now assignment in Intro to Women and Gender Studies

Representations of Women and Gender in Pop Culture: Then and Now

Assignment description:

The representations project is an opportunity for you to explore how media portrayals of women and gender have changed over time. This project will ask you to apply key concepts from course readings and films to analyze a media source of your own choosing. You will choose a media type and/or an archetype to explore. Some examples include: the working mother in film; the punk rocker in music videos; the teenage girl on television; or the father in advertising.


You can use the library's resources to:

  • Find information about popular culture in general
  • Find information about representation of a particular group in popular culture/media
  • Find analysis of popular culture representations or portrayals
    • Use this analysis as part of your project
    • Use this analysis as an example of how to do your own


How to use this research guide:

The gray tabs represent different steps in the research process. Use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottoms of the pages to move between them, or click on a link below to jump to a particular page: