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The College Experience - STDV 100 - Greenwald

Fall 2017

Worksheet for this class

What kind of information do you need?

Type of Information Sources that have that type of information
Explanations or definitions
  • Wikipedia-type articles
  • Library or online "Reference" sources
  • fact-based, informational websites (for example, WebMD) 
Current information on events, people, social issues
  • news sources
  • magazine articles and websites 
  • current events websites
  • current events library databases
Points of view or opinions
  • "Opinion" sections on news websites
  • websites for activist organizations
  • blogs
  • social media

Analysis of an issue or event

(sources that explain why something happened, not just what happened)

  • magazine articles and websites
  • research studies (peer-reviewed articles)
  • books

(more likely to be found in library resources)

Historical information
  • Wikipedia and other encyclopedias
  • history reference databases
  • reputable historical societies or organizations
Statistics or data
  • government websites that collect data
  • research studies (peer-reviewed articles)
  • library "reference" books or databases