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Scholarly Articles


RVOneSearch allows you to do one search to find books, audiobooks, eBooks, films, scholarly journal articles, newspapers & magazines. 

Limit Your Results:

General and Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases can be used to find scholarly articles on almost any topic. They are multidisciplinary, meaning they cover a wide range of subject areas (disciplines). You will retrieve a lot of results from journals in many different subjects.

Subject Specific Databases

The library subscribes to databases that contain journals specific to a particular discipline or set of related disciplines. When searching these databases, you will retrieve fewer results, but they will be targeted to the subject area you are researching. You will need to select a database whose subject area is relevant to your topic.

You can filter the databases list by subject to see exactly which databases are the most appropriate for your topic. Think about which of the broad subject areas (or disciplines) your topic falls under. On the Databases page, select an appropriate subject from the first drop down box, then select "Scholarly articles" from the second drop down box.

Image of database filters selecting Psychology and Scholarly articles

See the full list of scholarly article databases here. Use the All Subjects filter drop down to select a subject.

Find Journals and Other Periodicals

To find out if the library has a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper in print or in a database, search below. 

Search: Library Publications

Browse Full Text Finder by discipline (subject area).

Back issues of print journals can be found at the Check-Out Desk or in the bound collection on the second floor.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar performs a Google search of scholarly content on the internet. You may not necessarily have free access to all of the articles found in a Google Scholar search. However, if you find an article through Google Scholar and cannot freely access the full text, you can see if the library has access to the article through one of our database.

Tell Google you're with us!

You can set Google Scholar to recognize that you have access to certain articles because you are an RV student. 

  1. Go to Settings on the Google Scholar webpage (look for a menu icon if you don't see Settings).
  2. Select Library links.
  3. Search for Raritan Valley Community College.
  4. Check the box next to Raritan Valley Community College - Find It @ RVCC

Your search results will now include a "Find It @ RVCC" link on the right side of the screen for any articles that you may be able to access through our library subscriptions.