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Nursing of the Childbearing Family

Assignment Requirements for the Ethical Dilemma Paper

Many complex ethical dilemmas exist in Nursing of the Childbearing Family. This assignment is designed to help students understand some basic beliefs about the issues, and develop the skills to critically analyze approaches to resolving dilemmas. Successful completion of this assignment requires a grade of 75%. The student will prepare a brief paper which investigates a relevant dilemma in the field of Nursing of the Childbearing Family. Begin with presenting a hypothetical or actual case study, from your readings or experience. The format should include factors affecting ethical decision making, moral theories and frameworks, moral principles, and your own personal position on the issue they have selected. The format which MUST be used is the ethical dilemma decision tree model.

Source requirements:

- Find at least 2 professional nursing journal research articles related to your ethical dilemma

1. The article must be peer-reviewed.

2. The article is not older than 8 years. 

3. The paper must be word processed using APA format

Finding Scholarly Articles

Screencast with very specific instructions on searching finding the right articles for this assignment:

Search strategies- Limiters are very important for this assignment!

*Limit by date! Only search for content published within the past 5 years.

*Scroll down to the very bottom and select the 'pregnancy' limiter.

*Use the truncator or asterisk * This simple command tells the database to give you anything that has the prefix you type followed by anything else. For example, make sure you include : 

ethic* = ethics, ethical, ethically, ethicality, etc.

nurs* = nurses, nursing, nurse, (also nurse practicioner - which you don't want!)

adolesc* = adolescent, adolescents, adolescence

Search Examples-

ethic* AND circumcision

ethic* AND "blood transfusion"

ethic* AND "sex-selective abortion"

ethic* AND late term abortion 



Your best bet Nursing databases: