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Fake News, or Evaluating News Sources

What is it, how to tell, and how to stop it!

Think you can spot "fake news"?

Media bias exists. Where do your sources land?

The interactive media bias chart allows you to click a specific publication and see where it falls on the chart, as well as see how particular articles are rated in terms of bias and quality.

Interactive Media Chart

2016 openly licensed chart by Vanessa Otero.



AllSides Media Bias Chart

"The AllSides Media Bias Chart™ helps you to easily identify different perspectives and political leanings in the news so you can get the full picture and think for yourself.
Knowing the political bias of media outlets allows you to consume a balanced news diet and avoid manipulation, misinformation, and fake news. Everyone is biased, but hidden media bias misleads and divides us. The AllSides Media Bias Chart™ is based on our full and growing list of over 1,400 media bias ratings. These ratings inform our balanced newsfeed.
Unless otherwise noted, AllSides rates only online content, not TV, radio, or broadcast content. Our chart helps to free you from filter bubbles so you can consider multiple perspectives. Learn about the different types of media bias, or view the AllSides Fact Check Bias Chart™.
The AllSides Media Bias Chart™ is more comprehensive in its methodology than any other media bias chart on the Web. While other media bias charts show you the subjective opinion of just one or a few people, our ratings are based on multipartisan, scientific analysis. We use multiple methodologies to rate bias, including expert panels and surveys of thousands of everyday Americans."

What makes "real news" real?

  1. Real news is presented by real news sources.  Check your news source for a code of ethics or a mission statement.

  2. Real news is written by reporters with degrees in journalism and, often, in the fields in which they write.

  3. The primary goal of real news is to inform.  If you're mad, scared, furious, or anxious you will want to investigate the article's claims further.

  4. Real news can be verified.  You should be able to find reports, statistics and other real news articles that support what you are reading.