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Course Reserves

If you would like to place materials on reserve at the library's Check Out Desk for an upcoming course, copyright permission is required to place each chapter, article, chart, graph, and/or image on reserve. The library will process the copyright permission request, provided that complete citations of each item being requested is submitted. To expedite the requests, please fill out the appropriate form located in the library or use the online forms located below. There are no deadlines for placing personal items, such as lecture notes, on reserve. However, please allow adequate notification for book chapters and articles needed copyright permission. You may follow the table below:

Semester Deadline
Fall 2nd week of October
Winter Session 2nd week of December
Spring 2nd week of March
Summer Session 2nd week of June

There are two types of reserves available: traditional and electronic. Traditional means that it is in paper format and electronic means that it is accessible online. If you would like to place an item on traditional reserve for the first time, copyright permission is not required. For any subsequent requests for the same item, copyright permission is required. For electronic reserves, copyright permission is always required.

Course Reserve Instructions for Faculty


1. Submit the item to be placed on reserve to Chad Peters (x8224) in the library or use the online forms above, indicating if you would like a traditional or electronic reserve, or both. Please include the course name and section number.

2. Notification will be emailed as to the status of the reserve, either that it has been placed on reserve or that it is awaiting copyright permission.

3. At the end of the semester, materials are sent back to the faculty member via campus mail.

Please contact Chad Peters (x8224) if you would like to place an item on reserve or if you have any questions regarding copyright and reserves for an upcoming course.