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Ask us!

De-Stressing & Avoiding Cabin Fever

How are you de-stressing and avoiding cabin fever?

We want to know!

Send us your own picture of how you're avoiding cabin fever or de-stressing during this time of social distancing.

Please share only photos that you've taken along with a caption that we can share!

jumping on trampoline

Jumping around on the trampoline with the boys at the end of the day!


Librarian Alyssa Valenti is enjoying reading her backlog of books on her Kindle.


Librarian Janelle Bitter is going on long walks with her husband.


Yoga gets us through homeschooling!


Is 10:00 AM too early for Oreos?




Abbe is remembering when she could get the perfect Cosmopolitan.

cleo the dog

Jessica is taking lots of walks with Cleo.

suzanne's dog

Suzanne is going on walks with her family including her dog who is getting loads of love!