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Changing the Library

Chat with a Librarian

If chat is unavailable during our Online Services hours, try refreshing your screen.


Terms of use:

RVCC Library Chat services can be used for a variety of simple research questions, such as:

  • General library information like hours, contact info, or policies
  • How to find books, articles, and other sources on a specific topic
  • What database to use for specific assignments

For in-depth research questions, it might be better to Email a librarian or schedule to meet with a librarian.

Chats may be terminated and the user banned for using inappropriate or rude language, harassment of any kind, or repeated off-topic questions.

Meet with a Librarian in-person

A librarian will be available for in-person reference in the Library Classroom during specific daytime hours, Monday through Friday.

To see the current schedule for In-person Reference, check our Hours page

Schedule an appointment in-person with a librarian (limited availability).

If you cannot come to the library during the scheduled In-person Reference hours, you can Live Chat with a librarian throughout most of the day, Monday through Friday. If we are not available on chat, emails us at and someone will get back to you with an answer or to set up a time to chat or meet.  

Schedule an online meeting with a Librarian (via Zoom)