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Transferring from RVCC

ABC's of Transferring

Advising & Counseling

College Center C165
908-526-1200 x8336

Director, Advising & Counseling
Greg DeSanctis

Personal Counselors

Gina Kuijlaars, LPC, CCFC Mental Health Counselor II x8641 /
Bambi Kuhl, M.A., C.S.W. Counselor x8427 / 
Bruce Yellin, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Counselor II x8427 /

Academic Advisors

Marianne Brosnan, Ed. M Transfer Advisor, Adjunct Professor, English Department x8217 /
Patricia Edgerton Academic Advisor x8453 /
Alicia Gabrielski Academic Advisor x8453 /
Elizabeth Sullivan Coordinator of International and Veteran Services x8452 /
Anne Walters Academic Advisor x8417 /
John Wheeler Academic Advisor x8339 /
Jeffrey Warren, MS Counselor II, Director of Brothers Helping Brothers x8947 /
Barbara Luby, M.A. Counselor IV x8374 /
Shane Repmann, Ed. M Academic Advisor x8578 /

First Year Experience Advisors 

Maribi Henriquez Advisor, First Year Experience (A-H) x8944 /
Jache Williams, M.A. Director, First Year Experience (S-Z) x8583 /

Career Services

College Center 116
908-526-1200 x.8334

Wendy Schnall, M.S. Ed. Career Services Advisor x8338 /
Carrie Rafanello-Bazar Career Counselor IV x8334 /
Alicia Hermo-Weaver, MA, GCDF Coord. of Internships & Coop. Ed. x8213 /

RVCC offers on campus and distance career counseling and assessment services to currently enrolled students and alumni.  Career counseling can guide individuals in setting goals and making informed choices about future career and educational plans.  

Career Counselors help students identify:

  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Learning Styles and Decision-Making Styles
  • Personality Traits
  • Values
  • A Program of Study and/or Career Field
  • Occupational Resources

Transfer your book learning to hands-on skills.  Explore a career area and gain work experience through an internship.  Career Services Guides interested students (paid and unpaid) internship opportunities in their field of interest.