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Why You Need this Guide

This guide lists suggested books for your history book review assignment. All the books listed are non-fiction and written by a single author. Lists are organized by broad topic area, so if there is a particular historical event, person, or time-period that interests you, select it from the list of "What's in this guide" on the left side of the screen.

Top Picks : Beginnings to 1877

Top Picks : 1877 to Present

Include here additional resources that are important for students to use. You may want to organize the two boxes in this column by resource type. For example, the first box may be a list of databases and this box may be a list of reference books.

This should be the last box on the first page of your guide. Additional content should be added to new pages (tabs). Those new pages will be linked to this page in the "What's in this guide" box to the left.