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Information Literacy Instruction

Information Literacy I Course Outline

Session Description

Information Literacy I is an 80-minute session required as part of the ENGL 111-English Composition I curriculum.  The session is taught by a librarian in the Library Classroom during one regular meeting time of each English Composition I section.  The classroom faculty member is required to be present during the session and encouraged to work with the librarian to best prepare students for their research assignment. 

Statement of Need

Information Literacy I introduces students to information literacy concepts and skills necessary for research and information seeking at the college level.  This dedicated session of information literacy instruction provides students with a professional librarian’s assistance in search strategies, resource selection and source evaluation.  

Place in College Curriculum

This session is a required component of the English Composition I curricula, as stated in the ENGL 111 Course Outline, section V.E.

Outline of Content

  1. Selecting appropriate keywords
    1. How keywords operate when searching
    2. Broader terms, narrower terms, synonyms
    3. Using reference sources to identify keywords


  1. Pre-searching topics (finding background information)
    1. Identifying questions to answer during research
    2. Demonstration of tools for finding background information
    3. Hands-on searching in at least one of these tools
  2. Finding scholarly articles
    1. Features of a scholarly article
    2. Using RVOneSearch or other databases to find scholarly articles
    3. Hands-on searching to find a scholarly article

Educational Goals and Learning Outcomes

General Education Goals

Students will:

  1. Use appropriate forms of technology to identify, collect, and process info. (NJ IL)
  2. Use appropriate library/learning resource tools such as cataloging systems to access information in reference publications, periodicals, bibliographies, and data bases. (NJ IL)
  3. Recognize when information is needed and be able to locate, evaluate, and use information. (NJ IL)

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Identify search terms relevant to research topic by brainstorming synonyms, broader terms, specific terms, and using resources to identify new terms (texts, reference sources, etc).  (ACRL Standard 2)
  2. Use the library catalog and databases to select and access resources by keyword searching.  (ACRL Standard 2)
  3. Evaluate search results to determine relevance to topic by identifying and understanding citation elements.  (ACRL Standard 3)
  4. Search for and identify scholarly articles by understanding features of a peer-reviewed article and how to narrow database search results.  (ACRL Standards 2/3)

Modes of Teaching and Learning

  1. Librarian-led demonstration using instructor computer (no more than 75% of class time)
  2. Hands-on practice at student computers (at least 25% of class time)
  3. Small-group work
  4. Class discussion

Revised 4/2014 MD

Common Handout

The Word document below is used in all Information Literacy I sessions (supplement to English Composition I) to provide students with a personalized research guide that they work on during the session and can use as a reference after the session.