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Kosempel Eng Comp Activities

For Information Literacy Class

English Comp 2 Finding Scholarly Sources Class Activity

Read the news article linked below and search for a scholarly article relating to the research question:    

Is the common American diet contributing to an increased risk for cancer?

English Comp 2 Evaluating Sources w/Lateral Reading Class Activity

  1. Read the article linked below from the American College of Pediatrician's (ACP) website. 
  2. Work with a partner to evaluate the article.  You can use any method of evaluation that you know or are comfortable with. 
  3. Decide whether or not you would use this article as a source for an essay on school bullying or if you feel that you need more information.



If you determined that you needed more information, look at the source who published this article.  Search for information about the organization.  Is there anything that triggers a "red flag" in your research?

Search for more articles or sites using some of the words you noticed in the ACP article.  Do you find the same information?

Consider using a fact checking site to help evaluate information.