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Technological Literacy Across the Social Sciences - SSCI101

Finding Scholarly Articles

One of the best places to find scholarly articles for college research is in the Library databases. Library databases are collections of resources--often they are articles, but they can also be eBooks, streaming video, images, and more. Content is selected to be part of a database because it fits into a common theme. That means instead of searching all possible articles, many of which may be irrelevant, you are performing a targeted search on articles relevant to your topic. Combining this targeted search with your specific keywords will make it much easier to find articles for your research!

Databases for Scholarly Articles

The databases listed below will be especially helpful for researching social science topics. You can also go to the Library's databases page and select a different database by using the Subject dropdown menu at the bottom, or choosing from one of our multi-disciplinary options.

(To find government studies, use the government website links in the chart on page 2 of this guide)