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COVID-19 as a Research Topic

This guide provides information on how and where to research COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as a topic for an assignment.

Information Collections & Research Databases

Tips for using RVOneSearch

Use Advanced Search

RVOneSearch basic search box with Advanced Search hyperlink highlighted below the text box


Search COVID-19 as SU Subject Terms

RVOneSearch Advanced Search with COVID-19 in text box and SU Subject Terms selected from search field drop down box


Add solution keywords to the other search boxes

Alternatively, do not use COVID-19 as a search term. Instead search for your problem, issue or solution as SU Subject Terms to find articles about that problem, issue or solution in other contexts.

For example, do an advanced search for "access to health care" as a Subject Term and "immigrant families" as a keyword:

RVOneSearch advanced search with access to health care in first box and subject terms selected from drop down, immigrant families in second search box