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Access2Success Curriculum Resources

Access2Success Curriculum Resources

More about the Access2Success Initiative can be found on the RVCommons website.​

If you don't know where to begin, start at the 'Overwhelmed? Start here!' page in this guide.

This page will primarily provide some focused resources that will assist faculty as they are working on the Access2Success curriculum project

What is Access2Success?

Access2Success is an initiative from the Office of the Provost to engage the RVCC community in closing the equity gap that persists with diverse students, in particular for Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, first generation and under-resourced students.

Why is it important?

Closing the equity gap is a national concern because growing numbers of students are entering college underprepared or disengaged. It is a national and state level concern because in New Jersey Black/African American and Latinx/Hispanic populations are not attaining associate and bachelor degrees at the rate needed to meet state's economic need, excluding them from the state's economic future.

What is our approach?

Access2Success is a collaboration between Academic and Student Affairs connected to a campus-wide effort to promote student success and close the equity gap. ​Our approach will be multi-dimensional encompassing a review of macro and micro level data analysis to determine equity gaps. We will be looking at structural and system​​ic issues that may perpetuate the equity gap and also identify programming, services, and pedagogy that narrow the gap.