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World Dance History - DANC121

Welcome to the Library!

ceremonial buffalo dance

Herrera, Velino.. Ceremonial Buffalo Dance. 1948.. Artstor,

Library Resources - Your Assignment

Welcome to the Library! This guide will help you in your research for your 10 page research paper for World Dance History. 

Some things to keep in mind:

-10 page minimum including a 'Works Cited' page

-Subject related to one of the many world dance styles

-Minimum of sources - one must be video or live performance

-Paper must be in MLA format. This includes in-text citations, works cited page, and overall paper style (I can help you with this!)

Begin your research by navigating from one of the options from this guide's menu- (JVC Anthology, Books, Articles, Internet Sources).

Outline and Organizing Your Thoughts

Choosing your topic: 

You are adding something to the academic conversation. You are not 'regurgitating' or retelling the history of a specific type of dance. If your topic is along the lines of something that could be found in an encyclopedia entry, you probably need to be more specific.

Successful previous topic example:

  • Bharatha Natyam and Kathakali: Mirroring Dances or the Complete Opposite?
  • Sex and It's Effect on Urban Dances
  • Kaparima and the Hula: A Comparison

My sample topic is Presentation of Gender Roles: Loose and Strict (working title, might change).

  • I'm thinking about comparing presentation of gender roles in traditional Javanese dancing (which can be somewhat fluid) to gender roles in traditional Jewish dancing (very strict).
  • What are keywords that I should use? Let's plot some out!

Think like a scholar, look through databases for title ideas. Dive deeper! Choose something you're interested in!

Outlining your topic - use the major sections required in your paper:

  • Title Page
  • Introduce and Explain Your Topic
  • Discuss History, Background, Set the Context
  • Discuss Research methods and Research Findings
  • Conclusions
  • Works Cited

Where do I start?!?