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Design Drawing I - INTR110 - Smith

How to use this guide

This research guide is designed to help you find outside sources for Design Drawing I. Clicking on the gray tabs will take you to pages with information on different parts of the research process. You can also use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottoms of the pages to move between them.

Your assignment


Research a 2-D Abstract Expressionist artist/painter of your choice. This will include:

  • a brief history and overview of Abstract Expressionism with bibliography in MLA style
  • a brief overview and analysis of your chosen Abstract Expressionist artist with bibliography in MLA style
  • gathering 15 high resolution images
    • note actual titles, dates, sizes (in imperial not metric), mediums, and locations for each piece
    • save individual files of each painting by downloading images--no screenshots or print screen
    • include the source and web link for each image: use MLA format


Any trustworthy resource is acceptable for use (no blogs, personal websites, etc.)

Skills to master

  • Describe how copyright and fair use affect your research​
  • Identify the types of sources that will provide you with needed info and content, and where to find them.