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Activities for In-person Info Lit Sessions

For use in Megan Dempsey's IL sessions

How to skim an article

  • Read the title and any additional information below or near the title.
  • Identify the author and anything you can find out about him/her.
  • Determine the "source" - publication or website the article/webpage is from - what do you know or what can you determine about that source?
  • Read the first paragraph or first several sentences.
  • Check how long it is and how it is structured.
  • Read any headings or noticeable quotes or call-outs in the margins.
  • Go to the end of the article and see what information about the author, source, or content is provided.

Activity 1

Types of Information Sources

Use the links to see the articles as they appear on the Internet.

Activity 2

Audience and Purpose

Skim both articles. Consider who is the intended audience and what is the purpose of these two articles.