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Number Systems – Math 101 - Research Paper

This guide outlines the requirements of the Math Research Paper in the Number Systems course.


You are required to write a research paper for this course. A research paper (approximately 5 – 8 pages in length) will be required of all students. The research topic must be related to concepts addressed in the course. If participating in Service Learning, the paper length is approximately 3 -5 pages 

Service Learning

For students who choose to do optional service learning, the research paper (approximately 3 – 5 pages in length) must be based on and/or relative to a student’s service learning experience in mathematics related to concepts addressed in the course.

  • Optional service learning involves participating in a mathematics related activity for 10 hours of service.
  • Service Learning is for mathematical enrichment and for the development of personal and leadership qualities.
  • Upon completion of the service learning activities, a student will write a math related paper that is approximately 3 -5 pages.
  • has the rubric for the paper, possible places where you can volunteer, and due dates.