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Philosophical Research - Cleary

Philosophical Research Guide - Professor John Cleary

Whether you are taking Critical Thinking, Current Moral & Social Issues, or Ethics with Professor Cleary, this research guide will help you with your final project.

Your final assignment may be something like this:

  • Compare and contrast the specific arguments of two philosophers we have studied since the beginning of the semester.
  • Compare and contrast two ideas in philosophy we have studied since the beginning of the semester.

Whatever you are researching, the ideas in this guide will help you on your research journey.

How to use this guide

The pages of this guide will walk you through the steps of doing philosophical research. Use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom to navigate between pages.

Please contact librarian Janelle Bitter (contact info on the first page of this guide, and she can also be emailed through Canvas) with any additional questions, or use the Ask Us! button at the top of the page to chat or email any librarian.