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Research Process

This libguide walks the reader through the Information Search Process as outlined by Dr. Carol Kuhlthau.


  • Take responsibility for your learning
  • Reflect - What could you have done better?

Step 8 - a deeper explanation

  • Evaluate achievement of learning goals
  • Reflect on content
  • Reflect on process

The Evaluate phase, which occurs at the close of the inquiry process, is an essential component in Guided Inquiry.  Although Guided Inquiry incorporates assessment for determining student progress throughout all of the phases of the inquiry process, evaluation occurs at the end, when the Learning Team evaluates students; achievement of the learning goals.

The Learning Team guides students in reflection for self-assessment of their content learning and their progress through the inquiry process.  Students' self-reflection takes place while the entire process is fresh in their minds, and reinforces content learning and establishes good habits for learning how to learn through the inquiry process.

Kuhlthau, Carol Collier, et al. “Guided Inquiry Design Framework.” Guided Inquiry: Learning in the 21st Century, 2nd ed., Libraries Unlimited, Santa Barbara, CA, 2015, pp. 58–58.