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Research Process

This libguide walks the reader through the Information Search Process as outlined by Dr. Carol Kuhlthau.

How to SHARE

  • Tell others about your ideas, but protect your intellectual property

Step 7 - a deeper explanation

  • Learn from each other
  • Share learning
  • Tell your story

Share is the culminating phase in the inquiry process when students share the product they have created to show what they have learned with the other students in their Inquiry Community.  Students have become experts on the question for their Inquiry Community.  They now have the opportunity and responsibility to share their insights with other students and contribute their learning to others.  Their inquiry products also may be shared with a wider audience, and what they have learned may result in taking an action.

Share is designed so that students share the products they have developed during Create to communicate what they have learned about their inquiry question in an interesting, informative way.  An important component of Guided Inquiry is the collaborative learning that takes place when students share what they have learned in the inquiry process.  The Learning Team organizes Share sessions to provide the best conditions for students to learn substantial content from each other.

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