Research Guides: Concepts of Aerobic Conditioning

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Trade Journals
You need two trade journal articles. Trade journals are NOT peer-reviewed like your scholarly article. You can find these in RVOneSearch as well. 
Here are a few good trade journal titles you might want to search through: There are many more available. Try out a search for 'fitness' or 'exercise'. If you want to find a specific title of a magazine or journal, you can check for it here:
Scholarly Articles
You need ONE scholarly article for your individual paper. What does this mean? 
Scholarly journal articles are:
  • Peer-reviewed
  • Original research
  • Written by experts/researchers/doctors/PhDs
  • Written FOR experts/researchers/doctors/PhDs
  • May contain advanced vocabulary/language and advanced statistical/research information
  • Contain many, many references or works cited at the end
  • Are longer than 5 pages
  • Usually come from a journal
Learn more about what to look for in a scholarly article at the library's website. I have created a video which outlines the criteria found in a scholarly article as well. Please watch it here: (if the embedded video below doesn't work, try this link:

Find scholarly articles
Now that you know what a scholarly article is, you need to find some!
Use the library's search tool, RVOneSearch which you can find on the right hand column of this guide. 
You can also use journal finder and browse for 'fitness' or 'exercise'. Here are a few specific titles you might want to search through:
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C.R.A.A.P. Test
You need to determine the quality of the information you find. Whether it is a website, journal article, or YouTube video. Is it craap? Use the CRAAP test to find out!
  • Currency: How up-to-date is this information? Is it recent? Is it timely? When was it published? Has it been updated?
  • Relevance: Does the information answer YOUR question? Who is the intended audience? Would you be comfortable citing this in a college-level paper?
  • Authority: Who is the author/publisher? Is he or she qualified to be writing this information? Does this author have credentials and/or affiliations? 
  • Accuracy: Where does ths information come from? Is it factual? Are there typos, grammatical errors, or misinformation? Is the language/tone of the article free of bias or emotion?
  • Purpose: Why does this information exist? Is the authors' intention clear, sell, inform, persuade, etc.? Does the point of view appear objective and impartial? Are there idealogical, cultural, institutional, or personal biases? (for example: extreme veganism, food related, fitness-related, etc.)
This information comes from the CSU Library @Chico.