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Careers in Communications & Media
Print Location: P91.6.C37 2014
note: e-Book Salem Press


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Encyclopedia of Communication and Information
Print Location: P87.5.E53 2002
Reference Collection
3 vols.
Encyclopedia of New Media: An Essential Reference to Communication and Technology
Print Location: QA76.575.E5368 2003
Reference Collection
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotic, Media, and Communication
Print Location: P87.5.D36 2000
Reference Collection
History of the Mass Media in The United States: an Encyclopedia
Print Location: P92.U5 H55 1998
Reference Collection
International Encyclopedia of Communication
Print Location: P87.5.I5 1989
Reference Collection
4 vols.
Language and Communication: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia
Print Location: P29.F47 1998
Reference Collection


Hip and Hot! A Dictionary of 10,000 American Slang Expressions
Print Location: PE2846.S643 1998
Reference Collection
New Yawk Tawk: a Dictionary of New York City Expressions
Print Location: PE3101.N7 H46 1998
Circulating Collection

Handbooks & Guides

NAICS Desk Reference
Print Location: HF 1041.5 .N35 2000
Reference Collection



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American Press Institute
Source: American Press Institute
Center for Communication
Source: Center for Communication
Debate Central
Source: University of Vermont -- All about debating: strategies and techniques, critiques, evidence, debate structure, rhetoric, and argument; how to speak in public; debate topics.
Douglass: Archives of American Public Address
Source: Northwestern University School of Speech
An archive of over 100 speeches listed by speaker, title, chronology and issue. Site is named for Frederick Douglass, orator and abolitionist.
Encyclopedia of Television
Source: Museum of Broadcast Communication
Includes more than 1,000 original essays from over 250 contributors, examining specific programs, historic moments and trends, major policy disputes, and scandals. Covers the histories of major television networks and broadcasting systems around the world.
Freedom Forum
Source: Freedom Forum
The Freedom Forum, based in Washington, D.C., is a nonpartisan foundation that champions the First Amendment as a cornerstone of democracy. The Freedom Forum is the main funder of the operations of the Newseum in Washington, D.C., the First Amendment Center and the Diversity Institute. The First Amendment Center and the Diversity Institute are housed in the John Seigenthaler Center at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. The First Amendment Center also has offices in Washington and the Diversity Institute has offices and programs at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion
Gallup Organization
Source: Gallup Organization
Polls aim to represent the opinions of a sample of people representing the same opinions that would be obtained if it were possible to interview everyone in a given country
Journalist's Toolbox
Source: American Press Institute
Features over 15,500 websites regarding the media and news industry-related topics.
National Media Museum, Bradford, UK
Source: National Media Museum
The National Media Museum is situated in the heart of Bradford, UNESCO City of Film. We aim to be the best museum in world for inspiring people to learn about, engage with and create media.
Source: NewsLink Associates
Links to U.S. newspapers arranged by state and to newspapers in the Americas and on other continents. Also links to radio and television networks and stations.
Polling Report
Provides recent poll data on social issues. Questions are posed by such companies as Gallup, Harris, CBS, NBC, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Trends and pertinent information are included.
Public Agenda
Source: Public
Provides material on issues that are currently in the public eye. Each section includes an overview, notable and newsworthy, factual information, sections on framing the debate, major proposals, and analyses of major players and how to reach them.
Television News Archive
Source: Vanderbilt University
World's most extensive collection of network television news. Includes abstracts of evening news programs and special programs.


Almanacs & Yearbooks

Plunkett's Entertainment & Media Industry Almanac
Print Location: P88.8.P57
Reference Collection
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