Course Packs

If you would like to make a course pack for an upcoming course, copyright permission is required to put each chapter, article, chart, graph, and image in the course pack. The library will process the copyright permission requests, provided that complete citations of each item being requested are submitted. To expedite the requests, please fill out the appropriate request form located in the library or use the online forms located below. Please refer to the table below regarding deadlines to allow enough time to obtain copyright permission, send the course pack to the print shop, and for the bookstore to package the course pack. It is strongly advised that students be required to purchase the course pack since the college will be paying for copyright royalties.

Semester Deadline
Fall 1st week of June
Winter Session 1st week of October
Spring 1st week of November
Summer Session 1st week of March

Course Pack Instructions For Faculty

  1. Contact the bookstore as soon as possible or when placing your book order. This will allow the bookstore to prepare for the incoming course pack.

  2. Submit a complete bibliography of all materials needing copyright  permission to Chad Peters (x8224) by filling out the request forms located in the library or the online forms above. Be sure to include the following information on the request forms:

    • author of the original work
    • title of the original work
    • date of the original work
    • page numbers
    • ISBN (books) or ISSN (articles) if available
    • Course name, number, and section

    If using more than one chapter from the same book, only one request form needs to be filled out with the appropriate page numbers listed, provided that all chapters were written by the same author. If the chapters are written by different authors, separate request forms need to be submitted.

  3. Wait to hear from the library. Obtaining copyright permission may take a couple of minutes or several weeks. As we receive responses from publishers, copyright owners, and the Copyright Clearance Center, we will send out emails regarding the course pack, keeping you, the print shop, and the bookstore up-to-date. The emails will contain which requests have been granted permission, which requests have been denied permission, which requests have yet been answered, and the cost (based on the current number of students enrolled in the class) for the granted permission requests.

  4. Decide to make any changes. If you are uncomfortable with the dollar amount of a copyright royalty, you may ask to remove that particular work from the course pack. Should you want to make any other changes, please do so at this time, provided that the deadline for requests has not passed. You may also decide to go-ahead with the course pack without the unanswered requests included, depending on how soon the beginning of the semester is.

  5. Wait for final confirmation. Whether or not you decided to make any changes, the next step is to wait to receive a final email from the library detailing all items within the course pack and the final cost for each request.

  6. Take a copy of the course pack to the Print Shop with the necessary Graphics Work Order, detailing any specifications you would like and indicating that the course pack has copyrighted material. Remember to allow 2-3 weeks for the Print Shop to print the course pack, and additional time for the bookstore to price, package, and display the course pack.

Remember: Permission to use a copyrighted work in a course pack lasts for one semester only. Each semester the course pack is needed, new requests need to be submitted to the library. If the same course pack is needed for subsequent semesters, request forms for the same items do not have to be filled out. However, any changes to the course pack must be indicated when contacting the library, and request forms for additional items should be submitted.

Please contact Chad Peters (x8224) if you would like to make a course pack, or if you have any questions regarding copyright and course packs for an upcoming course.

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