F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What do I need to check out library materials?
    All students and college employees must have a RVCC College ID to check out materials. A College ID can be obtained in the Library at the Check Out Desk or from the Student Activities Office.
  2. How much are overdue book fines?
    Overdue books are 10 cents a day.
  3. Does the library sell textbooks?
  4. Does the library purchase class textbooks?
    The library purchases a select number of textbooks that are placed on Course Reserve. Please check with the Check Out Staff to determine if your textbook is on Course Reserve.
  5. Does the library have current issues of newspapers?
    Yes. The library receives daily the Star Ledger, The Courier News, The New York Times, U.S.A. Today, and The Wall Street Journal, among several other weekly local newspapers, such as Hunterdon County Democrat and Hunterdon Review.

Computers, etc:

  1. Are there computers in the library that students can use?
    Computers for student use can be located on the first and second floors of the library, including the library classroom when instruction sessions are not in progress.
  2. Does the library have laptops that students can check out?
    The library has a number of laptops that students and college staff can use. A RVCC College ID and driver’s license is required and the laptops do not leave the library. Complete details can be found on the library’s website.
  3. What do I need to use the computers in the library?
    Students must have their network login (G number and password). If the student does not have this information, they must see the MIS department with their College ID.
  4. Can I print documents in the library?
    Yes. All computers in the library can print out documents.
  5. Does the library have wireless service available?
    Yes. Students must visit the MIS department first to register their laptop.
  6. Does the library have saving devices that students can use?
    Library patrons often leave saving devices in the computers. If these devices are not retrieved, the library may give them to other students for use. The library does not sell new saving devices. The Library has several Flash Drives that may be checked out for use in the Library to move documents between computers.
  7. Does the library have a public color printer?
  8. Can I make copies in the library?
    Yes. The library has two copiers. Copies are 7 cents each and can be made by using a copy card purchased in the library. Copiers do not accept change.
  9. Does the library have a public fax machine?
  10. Does the library have a public scanner?
    Yes, the Library's copy machines can store documents to a USB Flash Drive. The Library has Flash Drives that may be checked out to transfer documents to a computer where they can be emailed.


  1. What information do I need to log in to the various databases?
    On Campus you should be taken directly to the database. Off Campus you will be asked to provide your College ID# (ex. G00012345) and password. The password is the same one you use for Lion’s Den.
  2. What should I do if I am having trouble logging into a database?
    If you are having trouble with your G-Number and password you will need to contact the MIS Helpdesk
  3. Who has access to the databases?
    Due to licensing issues the databases are only available for use by the students, staff and faculty.
  4. How do I know which database I should be using?
    The Research Guides can aide you in selecting a database that has information pertaining to your topic.
  5. How can I tell if the Library has full text coverage of a periodical?
    The Periodical Locator can assist you in finding full text coverage for a specific periodical.


  1. When is the library open?
    The library is open Monday-Thursday: 8am to 9pm; Friday: 8am to 5pm; and Saturday: 9am to 5pm. The library is closed on Sundays. Current hours are always posted at: http://library.raritanval.edu/information/hours.asp
  2. Is the library open on the weekends?
    The library is open on Saturdays: 9am to 5pm. The library is not open on Sundays.
  3. Where is the library classroom (L107)?
    The library classroom is located in the back of the library on the first floor. When instruction sessions are not in progress, the classroom is an open computer lab.
  4. Where is the Paul Robeson Institute?
    The Paul Robeson Institute is located on the first floor of the library. When not in use, the room is designated as quiet study.
  5. Where is the Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Resource Center?
    The Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Resource Center is located on the second floor of the library.
  6. Where is the lost & found?
    The library’s lost & found is located at the Check Out Desk. Each night, belongings that are found are brought to Security.
  7. Is the library the Testing Center?
    No. The Testing Center is located below the library.
  8. Does the library have a change machine?
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