Borrowing Privileges RVCC Students

All students registered for classes at RVCC have borrowing privileges at the Evelyn S. Field Library. The student’s College I.D. card serves as their library card and is required when checking out items. In the summer, or between semesters, students who were registered for the previous semester or the upcoming semester may also borrow from the library.

Students may obtain their College I.D. card at the library, or in the Student Activities Office. This card must be presented to checkout library materials. This is to ensure prompt and accurate service. In addition, only the owner of the card will be allowed to make library transactions.

Loan Periods
Material Type Max # of Items* Loan Period Daily Overdue Fines
Circulating Books 20 28 days $0.10
Circulating DVDs/Videos 3 7 days $1.00
Audiobooks 3 28 days $0.25
Music CDs/CD-ROMS 3 7 days $1.00
Textbooks on Reserve 3 2 hours $1.00/hr.
Maps 20 28 days $0.25
Interlibrary Loan Material - - $0.25
Course Reserve Material - - $1.00
Laptops 1 3 hours $15.00
  • * Students may only checkout a maximum of 20 items at one time. In addition, only 3 media items may be checked out at one time. This includes a combination of videos, DVDs, Audiobooks, CDs and CD-ROMS.
  • Interlibrary Loan Material is subject to the lending libraries’ borrowing policies.
  • See the Laptop Lending Policy for complete details.

My Library Account

Students may access their library account online at To login into your account, type in the 14-digit barcode displayed on your College I.D. The pin default will be the last four digits of your telephone number. You may need to call the library to have it activated. My Library Account will display current items that are checked out and when they are due back in the library. You may also renew your checked out items online, as well as place and view holds on items.

Books borrowed from the RVCC library must be returned to the RVCC library. They may not be returned to a local branch library.

If you have any questions regarding the student borrowing privileges, contact the Check Out Desk, (908) 218-8865, for further details.


Holds may be placed on items currently checked out to other patrons. Holds may be placed through the Library Catalog, or by contacting the Check Out Desk (908) 218-8865.

Overdue Charges

Late fines will be applied to items returned after the due date. Students will receive five overdue notices, indicating which items are checked out. Replacement and processing fees will then be applied for any unreturned items and the student will receive a bill. This will result in a Hold being placed on the student’s account in the Finance Office. Holds will prevent students from accessing grades, registering for classes, requesting a transcript, and being issued a diploma.

If a student has fines which have been left unpaid for over a year, or are in excess of $5.00, or has a lost book, they must pay the fines before borrowing additional items.


Renewals can be requested by phone, at the Check Out Desk, or by using the My Library Account service. Books may be renewed a maximum of three (3) times, each time for an additional two (2) weeks. Renewals may not be allowed on overdue material or on materials that have holds placed on them.

Renewals on Interlibrary Loan material is subject to the renewing policies of the lending library. Please inform the check out desk staff five (5) days before the due date to request a renewal.

DVDs and videos may be renewed once.


Refunds are not issued for fees when library materials are returned past their due date. Refunds are issued when lost books are paid for and then returned, provided that they are returned within three (3) months. Overdue fines still apply.

Lost or Damaged Items

If library materials are lost or damaged, replacement fees and processing fees are charged to your library account. Replacement fees depend on the item lost/damaged, and processing fees are $15.00 per item.

Another option is to replace the lost/damaged item personally, if a less expensive replacement copy is found and purchased by the patron, provided that the replacement copy is the same exact edition as the original. Processing fees still apply.

Interlibrary Loan Materials

Students may borrow books from other libraries through the Interlibrary Loan Service. This is a free-of-charge service which allows students to request books and articles from other libraries. Visit the library’s Interlibrary Loan page for complete details.

Allow at least two (2) weeks for delivery of material. Requests are limited to five (5) items a day. Requested material follows the borrowing policies of the lending library. To renew Interlibrary Loan material, contact the Interlibrary Loan Desk (908) 526-1200 x8224 five (5) days before the material is due.

Non-Circulating Items

The library owns several collections that may only be used within the library, including periodicals, newspapers, microfilm, course reserves, and reference books.

The periodical collection is located behind the Check Out Desk. To obtain a particular periodical or newspaper, make a request at the Check Out Desk. A College I.D. will be required. Current popular periodicals and newspapers are also on display on the main floor of the library.

The microfilm collection is located on the main floor of the library. If assistance is needed using the microfilm machines, please see the Check Out Desk.

Course Reserves

Faculty members may place a variety of items on course reserves, including class notes and lectures, supplemental books and articles, or DVDs and/or videos. Course reserve materials may only be checked out with a College I.D. card and in most cases, do not leave the library.

The library also owns a Textbook on Reserve Collection. Textbooks may only be checked out for two (2) hours at a time and may not leave the library to ensure access for all students within a course.

Book Return Locations

All library materials may be returned at any of the following locations on campus:

  1. At the library’s Check Out Desk located on the main floor
  2. In front of the library’s main entrance (accessible when the library is closed)
  3. In front of the college’s entrance located near the Theatre (accessible when the library and the college is closed)

Books borrowed from the RVCC library must be returned to the RVCC library. They may not be returned to a local branch library.

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